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People around the world gazing at the stars, connecting the dots to form shapes that they have been told about or creating their own. 

As the Earth rotates, the sun, the moon and planets travel on a set path through the sky known as the ecliptic. The list of constellations they pass through are known as the stars of the astrology.This can also help the lost find their way, and aid skywatchers in the search for planets, comets, or other events, by a process called star hopping. And, as they surely did in ancient times, constellations can provoke a sense of timeless wonder.

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Capricorn N. Capricorn N.

Capricorn N.
IDR 475,000

Aquarius N. Aquarius N.

Aquarius N.
IDR 475,000

Pisces N. Pisces N.

Pisces N.
IDR 475,000

Aries N. Aries N.

Aries N.
IDR 475,000

Taurus N. Taurus N.

Taurus N.
IDR 475,000

Gemini N. Gemini N.

Gemini N.
IDR 475,000

Cancer N. Cancer N.

Cancer N.
IDR 475,000

Leo N. Leo N.

Leo N.
IDR 475,000

Virgo N. Virgo N.

Virgo N.
IDR 475,000

Libra N. Libra N.

Libra N.
IDR 475,000

Scorpio N. Scorpio N.

Scorpio N.
IDR 475,000

Sagittarius N. Sagittarius N.

Sagittarius N.
IDR 475,000

Capricorn E. Capricorn E.

Capricorn E.
IDR 275,000

Aquarius E. Aquarius E.

Aquarius E.
IDR 275,000

Pisces E. Pisces E.

Pisces E.
IDR 275,000

Aries E. Aries E.

Aries E.
IDR 275,000

Taurus E. Taurus E.

Taurus E.
IDR 275,000

Gemini E. Gemini E.

Gemini E.
IDR 275,000

Cancer E. Cancer E.

Cancer E.
IDR 275,000

Leo E. Leo E.

Leo E.
IDR 275,000